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Dental Crowns in El Paso to Enhance Your SMILE

When a tooth is damaged, decayed or weak, it is at high risk of further destruction. If not protected with the right material, the tooth eventually falls out creating a gap in the oral cavity. Dental restorations are materials that dentists use to restore form and function of natural teeth and prevent further damage.

A dentist chooses a particular type of restoration based on the extent of damage and the requirement of the patient. Dental crowns are one of the few types of dental restorations which are used to safeguard natural teeth. It is essentially a cap that covers the weak or severely damaged natural tooth. Do you have a decayed/damaged tooth which hurts every time you eat something sweet? Do you have a discolored tooth? Call us to make an appointment and meet our dentist in our El Paso, Texas office. Our restorative care can help save your damaged tooth.

What are crowns? When are they required?

A crown is a cap which is custom-fabricated to mimic the appearance of the natural tooth. It is bonded to the weak natural tooth to provide it physical support and protection against damage. A crown has all properties which are most necessary to safeguard the tooth, aid biting, and chewing functions and enhance the smile aesthetically. A crown is recommended only when the tooth is damaged to an extent where it cannot sustain itself. Following are some of the cases where a dental crown may be recommended.

  • To cap a tooth which has been weakened by a large filling
  • To cap a tooth which is severely decayed
  • To cap a tooth which is physically weak
  • To cap a tooth which is discolored
  • Along with a single tooth dental implant, as a replacement for a lost tooth

How is a tooth restored using dental crown?

When you visit our dental office, our cosmetic dentist in El Paso Tx performs a thorough check of your damaged/decayed tooth. If the tooth is decayed the infected part is completely removed and suitable treatment is recommended (root canal treatment if the pulp is infected). Before restoring a tooth using dental crown, our dentist may ask the patient few questions related to the preferences. There are different types of crowns available. A particular type is chosen based on the tooth which is being restored and the preferences of the patient. The restoration process requires more than one visit.

The first step is to prepare the natural tooth. This is done in order to create space for capping the crown. A local anesthetic is used to make the tooth numb and different types of instruments are used to downsize the tooth. Impressions of a prepared tooth are taken and a temporary crown is placed. The temporary crown covers the natural tooth until the next visit. A permanent crown is fabricated in the lab and delivered to our office.

Our dentists removes the temporary crown during the second visit and checks the fit of permanent crown. On confirmation of fit, the tooth is cleaned and the permanent crown is bonded in place. Proper care of the crown is then discussed with the patient. The crown can last for about 8 years or more.

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